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Deauville (Normandie)

Deauville - its region and its real estate

Deauville - its region and its real estate

Normandy, takes its name from the derivative of the term Normand which means "man of the North", Name appeared in the song of Roland. Twelfth century, honor of chivalry, feudalism and faith, were the key words.
Be aware that this is one of the richest and most varied regions of France, which ranks 8th among the most touristic regions in France.
Normandy is indeed very rich; not only because of its green image, which is due to its Bocage Normand, the Pays d'Auge and the Pays de Bray and its breeding grounds, but also by its Architecture from the 11th to the 18th century, mixing Romanesque Art , Gothic Art, Renaissance and Classicism.
Its gastronomy, the most fertile soils, apples, cider regions, seafood, meats and dairy products.
His paints ; true source of inspiration for Impressionist painters. Claude Monet and Eugène Boudin have honored this region.
The richness of his writings, with the novels of Gustave Flaubert and Guy de Maupassant.
But also for its beaches and coasts, more than 600 km all along the Channel, famous during the landing of June 6, 1944, which are now the happiness of children and sailors ...
His passion for the equine world "Normandy horse land", racing, jumping, breeding, Polo, Normandy was particularly host to the latest equestrian world games.
Deauville in a few lines ...
In 1850, Deauville is a small agricultural village, overlooking the sea and coastal swamps.
But the half-brother of Napoleon III, the Duke of Morny, identifies the qualities of the place: near Paris, three kilometers of fine sand, 160 hectares virgin of any dwelling.
He decides with the help of some partners to build a seaside resort. Soon rise villas,
gardens, tennis courts, hotels and palaces. Quickly, Parisian high society discovers the virtues of sea bathing and the benefits of the sea air. In 1864, the creation of a racetrack and in 1912 the installation of a casino definitely make Deauville a place of pleasure and games
Rich with well-known events like the American Film Festival, the Asian Film Festival, the Polo Gold Cup, the Yearling sale, contribute to its influence abroad.
Its sandy beach is also famous for its umbrellas and boards become famous with the film of Sir Claude Lelouch "a man and a woman" (1965).
It attracts thousands of tourists every year, less than two hours from Paris, Deauville appears as a true resort of the Parisian society which earned it to be nicknamed the "21st arrondissement of Paris". Its reputation as a luxury resort has earned it regular attendance by many celebrities in the film, music, fashion, and economic and political worlds.
Deauville and its region have always charmed a national and international clientele wishing to acquire a second or main residence (castles, luxury houses, manor houses...)

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