Mieux Vivre, November 5th 2020

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Mieux Vivre, November 5th 2020

Luxury real estate: the results are rather positive after the first week of reconfinement

Despite a second lockdown, buyers' motivations are the same in the real estate market today. They want to "upgrade" their main residence: larger, with an exterior or even better located. In addition, there is a little more flexibility for real estate professionals, who can take more action during this second lockdown than during the first.
The current transactions are finalized, with the signing of authentic deeds, and new transactions have been concluded, “For example, a property in the South-West for more than 8 million euros and a property in Paris for more than 15 million euros were sold during the first week of the reconfinement, ”reports Alexander Kraft, CEO of the network of 53 branches. Discover the latest industry analysis.

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